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Cultural Details for Aesculus glabra

Common Name:
Ohio Buckeye (Fetid Buckeye)

Growth Rate:
pyramidal-rounded to oval-rounded habit; Medium growth rate (7-10’ over a 6 to 8 year period).

Average Mature Height:

Average Mature Width:

Flower Details:
Perfect, greenish yellow, 1” long, 4 petaled, borne in early to mid-May in 4-7” long by 2 to 3” wide terminal panicles.

Fruit Details:
Capsule, light brown, dehiscent, 1-2” long, broadly obovoid, with a prickly (echinate) cover similar to Common Horsechestnut; the seeds (buckeyes) are usually borne solitary.

Fall Color:
Fall color is often yellow but at times develops a brilliant orange-red to reddish brown.

Bark Details:
Ashy gray, thick, deeply fissured and plated, scaly.

Disease / Insect Problems or Resistance:
Leaf spot, wood rot, anthracnose, canker, walnut scale, comstock mealybug, white-marked tussock moth, Japanese beetle, bagworm, flat-headed borer.

Native Habitat:
Pennsylvania to Nebraska, Kansas and Alabama. Cultivated 1809.

Other Features:

Culture and Care:
Transplant balled and burlapped into moist, deep, well-drained, slightly acid soil; tends to develop leaf scorch and prematurely drops leaves in hot, droughty situations; prune in early spring. Zone 4-7.

This plant was blooming:

Plantings of this cultivar at Boone County Arboretum:
1083, 1084, 1085

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